The Heart of Winter

The Adventure Begins

The town of Rakham sits on the valley floor at the base of a tall cliff. It is the middle of summer, though you wouldn’t know it if you were to step outside. Winter seems to have come a full six months early. The sky is grey and dim, as cold winds move the branches of the surrounding trees. Crops have begun to die and game is becoming scarce as they now seek the refuge of warmer climates. Food stores are becoming dangerously low as they have had little opportunity to be replenished. If measures aren’t taken soon the coming months could be grim indeed. Alton the village elder has decided that a hunting party should be sent out beyond the village’s normal hunting grounds to seek areas where the game is more bountiful. As the village’s most capable warriors you have been sent along with four others to gather and bring back the much needed food. It has been two weeks since your party left the village, and as you traveled east across the valley the temperature began to rise and the world seemed to once again be warmed by the summer sun. On your travels you came to a ruined fort once used as a supply base for an army long gone from this world. Bramd, son of Alton and the leader of the hunting party, has decided that this would make for an excellent base camp from which to hunt the surrounding area.



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