Alton the Elder

Alton is the village elder of Rakahm and while not a cleric he runs the local church of Moradin.


Alton is said to be a direct descendant of the dwarven people who once worked the now forgotten mine. Despite his years he both strong and capable. The very picture of the great dwarven battle kings of old. His face is marred not only by the ravages of time but the pale remnants of long healed battle scars. His hands are that of a craftsman, worn and slightly gnarled. His expression is stoic but for those who know him it is easy to see the hints of care and kindness that peer from around the corner of this mask.


Alton looks after the folk of Rakham and cares for them as if he held himself personally responsible for their well being. He is as wise as he is old and his council is respected throughout the village. Many say that were it not for Alton’s leadership the village would have fallen to into chaos long ago.

Alton the Elder

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